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Troppi Bambini Hanno Scritto Al CEO Si SI Lamentano dei Problemi Ambientalhi E Lego Ha Deciso di Passaare A

Troppi Bambini Hanno Scritto Al CEO Si SI Lamentano dei Problemi Ambientalhi E Lego Ha Deciso di Passaare A


Too many children wrote to the CEO complaining about environmental problems, and Lego decided to switch to "paper bags"

I believe that Lego is a toy that adults and children love, and even a favorite collection! And the new styles that are introduced every year always make Lego fans around the world crazy. Following Disney and Harry Potter Castle, Lego has launched "Super Mario" this year, allowing players to truly experience the classics that could only be operated in game consoles in the past. game.

However, senior Lego players must know that when you open the Lego box, you will see dozens of sub-packaged building block parts. Although clear sub-assembly instructions can make subsequent assembly much easier, but with the rise of environmental awareness, Under the environment where major companies are promoting greening, people can't help but wonder "Is there no simpler packaging method?"

The mailbox smashed by the child! Lego promises to replace disposable plastic packaging with "paper bags"

Now, everyone's questions, Lego has received! Lego issued a press release on 9/15, stating that environmental sustainability and the well-being of the next generation are the focus of Lego’s active focus, and it has also committed to developing durable products in the past 10 years. Lego CEO Niels Christiansen also jokingly shared that the company has received "many letters from children" in recent years, hoping that Lego can reduce toy packaging, so he promised to abandon the current disposable plastic packaging in the future and use it instead. Recyclable paper bags approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. This 2-year-old paper bag packaging will be officially used in 2021. It is said to allow players to unpack it better!

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